About Me

I was born in Brooklyn on February 12, 1996, but I spent the first five to six years growing up in Poland.  I learned Polish first and then English.  My father, Michael, is a high school English teacher and my mother, Grazyna, on top of being a pre-K teacher, takes care of all of us and the house.  I have two sisters, Helen and Kaitlyn.  Helen is 21 and is a third year in the Sophie Davis program, and Kaitlyn is 16 and is attending Scholars’ Academy High School.  Before middle school, I never stayed in one school for more than a year, constantly moving around between Poland and America, and even moving here in the States.  In turn, I met a lot of different people and experienced different cultures.  During and after middle school, my family and I lived in Rockaway, where we still live today.  I went to Scholars’ Academy Middle School, which was right across the street from me.  Then, I went to Regis High School in the city.  During that time, my family and I would travel back to Poland for the summers to visit my family on my mother’s side and brush up on our Polish, especially mine.  We are Roman Catholics and religion has been a big part of my life growing up and is still today.  Also, I played sports growing up, including soccer, basketball, and volleyball.


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